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chija in fannish_chi

[sticky post] 048. Meta: Dear Yuletide Santa

Dear Yuletide Santa,

thank you for writing this story for me! I hope you have a wonderful time leading up to Christmas.

Having a wonderful time, for me, is the most important thing about Yuletide. So whatever you decide to write, I want you to enjoy yourself. If you have fun writing, the story is the greatest gift I can get. And if you don't find my wishes appealing to you - don't worry! Write different prompts, different characters. Or give me a glimpse of your favourite fandom. Write an original story. Write an AU. Do whatever pleases you and have a fantastic time writing!

In general, I like stories with a darker undertone more than crack, but I'm perfectly fine with a good dose of humour. I like femslash more than slash, but this is just as okay as het or gen. I like hurt/comfort, as long as it doesn't get too sappy. I like romance, though the same applies. My general squicks are mpreg, any form of rape or non-con, too explicit descriptions of sex, and character death if it isn't explicitely in the canon.

As for my wishes:

Rebecca Gablé - Waringham Series
You have probably read the spontaneous squeeing in my wish. Thank you so much for offering this. Now to the promised additional information:
I don't want to give you a defined prompt because there are so many wonderful things in this book. As I said on the signup-form, Fortuna's Smile over everything else, Keepers of the Rose next, then tie between King's Game and Dark Throne, but essentially, I love them all. I adore the friendship between Robin and Lancaster and I think Katherine Swynford is a genius in many regards. Raymond and Henry V. are also always a good place to start from for me, and as I said, I have a certain liking for Agincourt and the whole French desaster. Basically, go for whatever you like. And if you really want a prompt to go with: The night before the battle.

Gail Carriger - Parasol Protectorate
How are things after Ivy returned to London as Vampire Queen? How are they 20 years later? How are they today, in a London that has changed so much, with Lord Maccon, Lord Akeldama and Ivy still roaming the nightly streets as immortal beings? That would actually interest me a lot.
Apart from that, again: Write what you feel like! Egyptian summers or Scottish winters, aetherographers and exploding porcupines, all of the characters, one of them, whatever you want. I would just ask you to somehow stick to canon pairings, as I quite like them. Of course you can stretch them the way you want, I find the triangle Lyall/Biffy/Akeldama very intriguing. Have fun!

Disney Princesses
Again, I want to repeat what I said in my signup-form: This is a kind of all-encompassing wish incorporating a lot of what either wasn't nominated or I didn't get to sign up for because the rest of the fandoms were too interesting. So basically, as with all my wishes: Do what you like. Classic bright coloured princesses: Perfect. Pocket Princesses: Cute and perfect. Twisted Princesses: Scary, sexy and perfect. You want to take them to a dark, dystopian space adventure? Sure, go ahead! You want to include their traditional fairytales, if applicable? Yeah, why not. Femslash is highly encouraged, though nothing too explicit. You can also insert princes, but they are not really necesary. Just do whatever pleases you!

Generally, you might want to have a look at my older letters. You will find them here and here. You may also want to look around a bit in this community. My own stories will tell you a lot about me (though the "language: english"-tag is used a bit scarecely, I am normally more comfortable writing in German).

I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas time. Enjoy the cookies, the snow (if applicable) and the wonderful atmosphere.