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049. Meta: Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Author,

thank you very much for writing a story for me this year and sorry that the letter took a while to be uploaded. You can find my previous letters here. They will give you an idea about my general interests.

Basically, I want you to have fun. I want you to enjoy the Yuletide spirit and community and I want you to write something you enjoy and you are comfortable with. If you feel you can't fill any of my wishes, write something else. Introduce me to your favourite fandom. Write an orginal piece. Yuletide should be fun for everyone, and I will enjoy whatever gift you come up with.

As a general overview, I like femslash more than slash, but am just as happy with het or gen. I like hurt/comfort, as long as it doesn't get too sappy. The same goes for romance of any kind. I prefer more earnest stories and darker undertones to fun and crack, but I also like a good dose of humour. I adore apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic as well as historic settings, but I'm just as fine with slices of normal, everyday life. My general dislikes are mpreg, rape and non-con of any kind, too graphic descriptions of sex, too much sap and character deaths that aren't in the canon.

As for my wishes (you will see there are some reposts from last year):

Disney Princesses
This is a kind of all-encompassing wish incorporating a lot of what either wasn't nominated or I didn't get to sign up for because the rest of the fandoms were too interesting. So basically, as with all my wishes: Do what you like. Classic bright coloured princesses: Perfect. Pocket Princesses: Cute and perfect. You want to take them to a dark, dystopian space adventure? Sure, go ahead! You want to include their traditional fairytales, if applicable? Yeah, why not. Femslash is highly encouraged, though nothing too explicit. You can also insert princes, but they are not really necessary. Just do whatever pleases you!

Twisted Princesses
Basically, the same that goes for the more brightly-coloured Princesses wish applies here. I would find it highly interesting what made them twist. A girl can only be bright and bubbly for so long. What was the breaking point? Who started? And what are they doing now, that they are dark, twisted and finally free</>? Or are they? Have they just stumbled into the next from of captivity? And if that is the case, is there a way back? Since this fandom calls for it a bit, a fair share of violence is okay here, as well as torture etc., if it fits the story. Just no gore for gore's sake, please.

Parasol Protectorate - Gail Carriger
How are things after Ivy returned to London as Vampire Queen? How are they 20 years later? How are they today, in a London that has changed so much, with Lord Maccon, Lord Akeldama and Ivy still roaming the nightly streets as immortal beings? That would actually interest me a lot.
Apart from that, again: Write what you feel like! Egyptian summers or Scottish winters, aetherographers and exploding porcupines, all of the characters, one of them, whatever you want. I would just ask you to somehow stick to canon pairings, as I quite like them. Of course you can stretch them the way you want, I find the triangle Lyall/Biffy/Akeldama very intriguing. Have fun!

Cities (Antropomorphic): London
My first venture into the antropomorphic fandom, wish-wise. I adore London. I have lived there for nine months and I firmly plan on moving back to spend the rest of my life there. I love the vibe the city has, its diversity, both with regards to its inhabitants and its different parts. And I find its history incredibly interesting. So many amazing, yet so many cruel and gruesome things happened there through the course of nearly 2000 years. That is one impressive stretch of time. I would love to see what London itself has to say about those things. Romans, Saxons, Normans - or Victorians, Edwardians, and Jack the Ripper? What are the events the city remembers, what would it like to forget? Is there even one London? Basically, if you are fortunate enough to live in or near this wondeful city, go out and write what strikes your fancy. If you're not, look at some pictures, do a Wikipedia-journey and go wild. And, most importantly, enjoy!
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