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Fiction, fandom and fan-atism

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Chija's fandom stuff
Hello and welcome to fannish_chi

This journal is a “fan-journal”.
This journal is chija’s fan journal, containing fandom, fiction and fan-atism.
Chija is a 23-year-old girl from Germany, who currently plans her relocation to London.
The fandoms will be different books, films, games, musicals, one or the other manga and several other things I’m constantly falling in and out of love with.
There will be original fiction, fanfiction, babbling, squeeing, a little bit of bitching, reviews and no drama.
There will also be slash, so beware.

This journal is in English.
Since I’m keeping my main, personal journal German only, this is where all the English stuff goes. Most of the stories will be German, though, for that’s my preferred language for writing.

This journal is semi-open.
Stories and reviews will be visible to everyone, everything else will be members only, just because of my curiosity.
Just comment to be added.

Wait! This journal is a community!
I know. It’s because I’m too lazy to log out and in every time. There will be no writing access for anyone but me, though.

Questions? Just comment!


All the works of fiction or art used for fanworks here do not belong to me but to their respective owner(s). I don't make any money with the stories, icons and other works posted here.

Variations will be marked.

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